About the LAKS Pay app

To connect your wearable to your bank card, it’s essential to enable a security measure such as a passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID on your phone. You’ll need to activate one of these options.

The NFC antenna on your iPHONE is situated near the top edge, close to the front camera. For optimal performance, position your iPhone on a table in front of you, ensuring there are no metal objects nearby. Then, place the LAKS wearable directly onto the front camera of your iPhone.

No need for manual activation. When you launch the LAKS Pay App, the NFC antenna will activate automatically.

Ensure the NFC antenna is activated before using the Sweet Spot Finder. Once activated, swipe the finder across your phone’s back; the small LED light will start flashing upon nearing the NFC antenna.

Here is a helpful link to the Samsung site: NFC antenna 

Yes – please go to SETTINGS, tap CONNECTIONS and enable NFC and contactless payments.

You can also search for “NFC and contactless payments”


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Which bank card can I use

In the LAKS Pay app, click the icon at the bottom right. Then select “Check card suitability”. Then follow the instructions in the app.

You can verify if your card is compatible for addition to Curve. If it is, you can then link your wearable with the physical Curve card.

Regarding Curve: Curve functions as a digital wallet, allowing you to consolidate multiple cards within it. When your wearable is connected to the Curve card, any payments made using the wearable will be deducted from the card chosen within the Curve wallet.


IOS 1.3.2 (57)

ANDROID: 1.5.5 (1055000)

If you see a blank page after confirming the T&C, try turning off your WIFI. A firewall might be interfering with communication to the LAKS Pay app.

The mail will be sent within 1-2 minutes. Check your junk mail. If you do not receive an email then use a different email address.

Go to:

  1. ACCOUNT (bottom right)

You can do this over and over again whenever you want, for example: If you want to change your bank card or pass the wearable on to a friend.

With the IPHONE there is a 20 second restriction – with older mobile phones it can happen to repeat the process – then you have the knowledge where the hotspot of the NFC antenna is on your mobile:)

The Sweet Spot Finder can help you to find the NFC antenna in your mobile phone.

Move the Sweet Spot Finder over the back of your mobile and find the NFC antenna – the small white LED light on the Sweet Spot Finder will light up as soon as you move over the NFC antenna.

The LAKS PAY STICKS can help you to position your mobile over the wearables.

iOS has a limit of 20 seconds for the NFC connection. So you may have to try again. Hold the wearable in portrait mode.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.


Some Android mobiles with Android 10, 11 or 12:

  • sometimes you need to clear the NFC cache – see here
  • cache is a general topic for Android – not seen in iOS
  • security software (eg.: AVAST MOBILE SECURITY or similar) block the functionality of the LAKS PAY App – we recommend to switch it off or use different mobile

please choose an envirement without any metal – metal can interfer NFC

  • As soon as you start the LAKS Pay app, the NFC function in the iPhone is switched on. The NFC antenna is located near the top edge of the phone.
  • For iPhone 12 users, the best position for the wearable is about 5 mm below the top edge of the phone.

For the best result, place your wearable over the front camera of your iPhone.

  • Please ensure that the NFC function is activated.
  • At times, turning the NFC function off and on again can improve its functionality. The NFC antenna is commonly positioned in the center of the phone.
  • You might find this link from SAMSUNG about NFC and the antenna location on most modern phones very helpful: “SAMSUNG NFC location and usage”.

For Android there is a link at the top that you have to trigger manually. Your bank will then send you a 6-digit CODE by SMS which you then enter in the field.

For IPHONE, the link is at the bottom of the same page as your connected bank card – scroll down the screen and press ACTIVATE. Your bank will then send you a 6-digit CODE by SMS which you then enter in the field.

The activation code is only valid for 30 minutes. If this is exceeded, the card connection process must be repeated.