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Questions on the LAKS Pay app

To connect your wearable to your bank card, it’s essential to enable a security measure such as a passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID on your phone. You’ll need to activate one of these options.

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The NFC antenna on your iPHONE is situated near the top edge, close to the front camera. For optimal performance, position your iPhone on a table in front of you, ensuring there are no metal objects nearby. Then, place the LAKS wearable directly onto the front camera of your iPhone.

No need for manual activation. When you launch the LAKS Pay App, the NFC antenna will activate automatically.

Ensure the NFC antenna is activated before using the Sweet Spot Finder. Once activated, swipe the finder across your phone’s back; the small LED light will start flashing upon nearing the NFC antenna.

Here is a helpful link to the Samsung site: NFC antenna 

Yes – please go to SETTINGS, tap CONNECTIONS and enable NFC and contactless payments.

You can also search for “NFC and contactless payments”


If you see a blank page after confirming the T&C, try turning off your WIFI. A firewall might be interfering with communication to the LAKS Pay app.

The mail will be sent within 1-2 minutes. Check your junk mail. If you do not receive an email then use a different email address.

In the LAKS Pay App, click the icon at the bottom right. Then select “Check card suitability“. Then follow the instructions in the app.

You can verify if your card is compatible for addition to CURVE. If it is, you can then link your wearable with the physical Curve card.

Regarding Curve: Curve functions as a digital wallet, allowing you to consolidate multiple cards within it. When your wearable is connected to the CURVE card, any payments made using the wearable will be deducted from the card chosen within the CURVE wallet. Here all infos about CURVE with LAKS.

Add the FIDESMO Pay  segment in the VIMpay app and set up your LAKS Pay Mastercard in VIMpay.
Then download the LAKS Pay app and connect the digital card from VimPay to the LAKS PAY App

In some countries, CURVE does not have an integrated PIN function for the wearable – so you will need to use your real CURVE card with a PIN if your wearable is declined. Then you can use your wearable again up to €150,-. CURVE is working on a European solution.


If you have issues connecting your CURVE card with your LAKS Wearable

  • Make a transaction with your real Curve card by inserting it into the payment terminal.
  • Then go to your Curve App / LauNchpad / Account and you may see a message ” UNBLOCK your Account – Click to it.
  • This can occur if you have tried several times to connect your CURVE card with the LAKS Pay App without success.
  • Than connect your LAKS wearable with your CURVE card
In some countries, there are different limits for contactless payments
  •  Mostly For payments up to EUR 50, you do not even have to enter your PIN unless you have spent more than EUR 125 
  •  In several successive contactless payments since your last PIN verification. Single payments in excess of EUR 50 can also be made without inserting the card but you need to enter your PIN.
  •  Some countries require the use of a card transaction to cancel the limit.
  •  However, in most countries, a pin is also requested when using the card or wearable in order to be able to continue paying contactless

This is a good training to get to know the NFC technology on your mobile:

Go to:

  1. ACCOUNT (bottom right)

You can do this over and over again whenever you want, for example: If you want to change your bank card or pass the wearable on to a friend.

The Sweet Spot Finder can help you to find the NFC antenna in your mobile phone.

Move the Sweet Spot Finder over the back of your mobile and find the NFC antenna – the small white LED light on the Sweet Spot Finder will light up as soon as you move over the NFC antenna.

please choose an envirement without any metal – metal can interfer NFC

Don´t forget to activate your Wearable once the connection process is completed.

  • Make sure you have a steady internet connection
  • Remove your phone-cover
  • Some WIFI connection can block some functions – switch off the WIFI in this case
  • As soon as you start the LAKS Pay app, the NFC function in the iPhone is switched on. The NFC antenna is located near the top edge of the phone.
  • iOS has a limit of 20 seconds for the NFC connection. So you may have to try again.
  • For iPhone 12 users, the best position for the wearable is about 5 mm below the top edge of the phone.
  • Please ensure that the NFC function is activated.
  • At times, turning the NFC function off and on again can improve its functionality. The NFC antenna is commonly positioned in the center of the phone.
  • You might find this link from SAMSUNG about NFC and the antenna location on most modern phones very helpful: “SAMSUNG NFC location and usage”.

Some Android mobiles with Android 10, 11 or 12:

  • sometimes you need to clear the NFC cache – see here
  • cache is a general topic for Android – not seen in iOS
  • security software (eg.: AVAST MOBILE SECURITY or similar) block the functionality of the LAKS PAY App – we recommend to switch it off or use different mobile

We have prepared helpful videos, tips and instructions for you on this page.
If you have any further questions, please contact us and OPEN a TICKET

If the error 1904 occurs, there can be two reasons for this:

Internet access is too weak or may block our LAKS PAY App
SOLUTION: Switch off your WIFI and only use LTE access – importantly, if there is low signal strength, then error 1904 may occur again
SOLUTION: Change your location in your HOME or COMPANY.

If there are many people in an office, the signal strength may also be weak.
SOLUTION: Leave the building of your home or company.

Your bank is not yet connected to LAKS PAY and cannot be used.

SOLUTION: Use the free app info HERE 

Error 100 means that you are not using a ‘lock code’ on your mobile phone and therefore the LAKS PAY application will not work.
This is required for security reasons.
Therefore, you must first enable an unlock code (Face ID or other method) on your mobile phone.
Then it will work.

  • Mobiles without NFC
  • The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro and Huawai are phones that are not supported.

    You can install the LAKS PAY app on any other phone – link the card and then delete it again.

    Re security: The activation SMS will always be sent to your mobile by your bank.

If you receive a call during the card connection

  • The connection will be interrupted in the LAKS PAY app. Then start the process again

The LAKS Pay app had a technical update in April 24

The technical update was necessary because we have brought our servers up to date

If you did connect your wearable before April 24 you need to reactivate your LAKS Wearable.

  1. Download the latest version of the LAKS Pay app from the Appstore (iOS) or Google Play (Android) 

  2. Reconnect Your Wearable with your Bank Card if you did connect it before the 29th of April: This ensures that you can continue to use your wearable for contactless payments.

If you do not link your LAKS Wearable again to your bank card, you will not be able to make contactless payments.

We have prepared helpful videos, tips and instructions for you on this page.
If you have any further questions, please contact us and OPEN a TICKET

General questions

All our wearables provide you with a convenient contactless payment option.

Select your favorite LAKS wearable.

Ensure that you have a Mastercard or VISA from one of our partnering banks.

Complete the order and we send the wearable to you within 1-3 working days.

Download the LAKS Pay app for Android and iOS.

Upon receipt of your wearable connect it to your bankcard using the LAKS Pay app and activate it.

That´s it – you are ready to pay with your LAKS Wearable.

By default, you can use your wearable for contactless payments for 3 years from the time it is connected to the bank. However, this depends on your bank.

You can reset your wearable to the factory setting once your payment card is expired and add the wearable again and link it to the new card. This can be done as long as the payment chip is valid in the Mastercard network. 

The payment service is provided by your bank.

When your payment card is linked, a reference to your card is stored. This reference is called a token and is stored by LAKS in the wearable.

Please note, however, that we have no influence on the function of the token and cannot accept any liability for it.

After the three years have expired, reset your wearable to the factory setting and connect it to the new card.

NOTE: you can change the card anytime – just reset the wearable and connect it to the new card.

YES you can.

Just reset the wearable t the factory settings and connect it to the new card.

Contactless payments are based on a signal generated by the payment terminal. This is possible through Near Field Communication (NFC). This is a radio technology with a relatively short range. The wearable and the payment terminal should therefore be as close as possible to each other during the payment process.

LAKS has taken advantage of the passive mode of NFC technology, so the LAKS wearables themselves do not generate a return signal. This is because active NFC readers (payment terminals) are used to read passive transponders (LAKS Wearable card).

Payment process
Please check where the payment chip in your wearable is located and hold this part of the wearable to the payment terminal.

Similar to the process of contactless payment with your debit or credit card, you must hold your LAKS Wearable to the contact point of the payment terminal – look for the contactless sign on the terminal. Only then the signal can be recognised. A detailed description of this procedure is enclosed with your order. With less sensitive payment terminals this may take a few moments.

If the payment process is successful, you will be notified – depending on the terminal – by a tone or a green light.

At the moment, it’s possible to link only one payment card to your LAKS PAY wearable. Therefore, we recommend selecting the payment card that you use the most. 

If you’d like to connect multiple cards to your wearable device, please check out Curve

Don´t worry!

Reset your wearable to the factory settings and connect the new card.


If your payment card can be connected to your LAKS wearable or not depends on your card issuer. 

If your card issuer has activated LAKS, then your payment card can be connected. 

See this page for all the supported payment cards and banks.

Open the LAKS Pay app – below your wearable you see the transactions made.

Yes for sure, as long as the payment terminal accepts contactless payments, you can use your LAKS wearable to make a payment. You can use your wearable to tap and pay anywhere that accepts contactless payments with your physical payment card

No need to worry.

You will automatically have the same PIN code on your wearable as you have on your payment card.

The LAKS technology enables contactless payment via NFC. NFC is also used with common debit or credit cards and therefore does not represent a security risk.

The Ring2Pay and the SILI bracelets are waterproof.

The rest of LAKS products should be taken off when swimming, showering or bathing.

Wearing the chip generates neither radiation nor vibrations that can affect your body. This is because LAKS wearables use the passive mode of NFC technology.

Active NFC readers (payment terminals) read the passive transponders (LAKS Wearable card). LAKS Wearables do not generate a return signal themselves and therefore do not pose a risk to your health.

  • Open the LAKS Pay app
  • Click on “the little man icon” at the bottom right of the screen
  • Choose “settings”
  • Choose “reset wearable to factory settings”
  • Scan your wearable
  • Done

If you did buy your wearable on the homepage you cannot use it with the LAKS Pay App because it has a different chip.
Only the wearables which you did order on do work with the LAKS Pay app.

If you did order your wearable on you can use it with the LAKS Pay App.
If you have ordered the wearable on you cannot use it with the LAKS Pay app because it has a different chip.

Our token service provider is Fidesmo AB, Regeringsgatan 111, 11139 Stockholm, Sweden (“Fidesmo”). Fidesmo is authorized and certified to act as token service provider by Mastercard and Visa as payment card schemes. This means that Fidesmo provides the services which allow your payment card to be tokenized with the LAKS Pay app and which ultimately enable the payment features of your LAKS Wearable.

Questions on returns

If you need a different size you just need to send it back to us. You will get a voucher for a new order.

If you receive your LAKS Wearable and the design you want does not match your idea then the LAKS Wearable can be returned within 14 days. 

In such a case please open a support ticket or contact us at: [email protected]

LAKS grants a right of return within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Before you return a product to LAKS, please follow the instructions here.

LAKS offers a 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase. If the purchased goods are defective, LAKS undertakes to comply with all applicable guarantee regulations. If you have a complaint regarding obvious material or manufacturing defects of the goods provided, including damage caused during transport, please return the goods immediately.

Questions on delivery

LAKS Wearables are ready for shipment within 1-3 days. A product is ready for dispatch when it can be handed over to the delivery service – and from this point on it does not take long until your order actually arrives at your door.

Your order will be delivered within 2-7 days (due to the currently increased delivery volume within 5-7 working days) after dispatch to your door by the Austrian Post AG.