Use the LAKS PAY app to connect your wearable to your bank card.

Check all supported banks here.

Download the LAKS PAY App

LAKS PAY APP latest version: IOS 1.2 (477) ANDROID: 1.5.3 (1053002) – Download the latest version.

Add the LAKS PAY wearable in seconds

Choose your new wearable and activate it easily by following the instructions in your LAKS PAY App.

Always have an eye on your spendings

Every transaction made with your Wearable will be listed at a glance within your LAKS PAY App.


IOS 1.2 (477)

ANDROID: 1.5.3 (1053002)

Wenn du nach dem Bestätigen der T&C eine weiße Seite siehst, schalte dein WIFI aus. Es kann sein, dass eine Firewall die Kommunikation mit der LAKS PAY APP stört.

Go to:

  1. ACCOUNT (right down)

You can do this over and over again whenever you want, for example: If you want to change your bank card or pass the wearable on to a friend.

The Sweet Spot Finder can help you to find the NFC antenna in your mobile phone.

Move the Sweet Spot Finder over the back of your mobile and find the NFC antenna – the small white LED light on the Sweet Spot Finder will light up as soon as you move over the NFC antenna.

The LAKS PAY STICKS can help you to position your mobile over the wearables.

iOS has a limit of 20 seconds for the NFC connection. So you may have to try again. Hold the wearable in portrait mode.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.


Some Android mobiles with Android 10, 11 or 12:

  • sometimes you need to clear the NFC cache – see here
  • cache is a general topic for Android – not seen in iOS
  • security software (eg.: AVAST MOBILE SECURITY or similar) block the functionality of the LAKS PAY App – we recommend to switch it off or use different mobile

please choose an envirement without any metal – meatl can interfer NFC

  • As soon as you start the LAKS PAY app, the NFC function in the iPhone is switched on. The NFC antenna is located near the top edge of the phone.
  • For iPhone 12 users, the best position for the wearable is about 5 mm below the top edge of the phone.
  • Please make sure that the NFC function is switched on.
  • Sometimes it is also necessary to switch the NFC function on and off for it to work well. The NFC antenna is often located in the centre of the phone.
  • Check out this very useful link from SAMSUNG about NFC and the location of the antenna on most current phones: “SAMSUNG NFC location and usage”.

In Europe most of the major Credit- and Debit cards can be added to the CURVE wallet.

  • Curve combines your credit and debit cards into one smart Curve card.
  • When you link this Curve card to your LAKS PAY wearable, you can use the wearable with each card that has been added to Curve
  • Download the Curve App for iPHONE or ANDROID
  • Register – select your CURVE Plan
  • Add multiple payment cards
  • Go to the LAKS PAY App and connect the Wearable to the CURVE card 
  • Activate your wearable
  • Start making convenient touch-and-pay contactless payments 
  • Curve is the money super-app enabling financial freedom by simplifying and unifying the way we spend, send, see and save money. Launched in 2018
  • Curve has potentially 400 million consumers in 32 countries who can use its services
  • Curve now has approximately 4 million customers in over 30 markets across the UK, European Economic Area (EEA), and USA.
  • With Curve you can connect our wearables almost to every european VISA / Mastercard debit and credit card using the LAKS PAY App