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Clear benefits for customers and banks

LAKS Wearables offer an innovative and stylish way of payment, bringing clear benefits to both customers and banks. Using LAKS Wearables increases the frequency of payment transactions. As customers regularly use their wearables for payments, they automatically boost the usage of the linked bank card. This positive effect fosters stronger customer loyalty to their bank while enhancing a convenient and modern payment experience. With LAKS Wearables, it’s not just about revolutionizing the way we pay; it’s also about improving the interaction and connection between customers and their banks


Whether you’re a bank, event organizer, or sports club, we’re your all-in-one destination for all payment wearable needs. We specialize in crafting exclusive payment wearables tailored specifically for events. An added benefit, especially for events or sports clubs, is that our wearable payment function seamlessly integrates donation programs for initiatives like youth development or other charitable causes.

LAKS - always at the forefront of innovation

Always in the process of innovation and ongoing development of new wearables, LAKS never ceases its momentum.

Alongside rings, bracelets, and watches, we provide customized wearables crafted from sustainable walnut wood, available for orders starting from 50 pieces, all Made in Austria and delivered within 4 weeks!

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