Laura Alexandra Karolina Scheybal
cmo of LAKS PAY
first-born daughter of the LAKS founder

The photos and videos were taken by Lilli Antonia Klara Scheybal, photographer and social media manager of LAKS PAY.

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„We simply change the way of thinking and paying“

Laura Alexandra Karolina Scheybal / chief marketing officer

LAKS has the most beautiful wearables for contactless payment today, with another 300 beauties to come on on LAKS’ birthday on May 9, 2023.

January 3, LAKS and wearonize founded a new JV. From now on you get the technology and the wearables from one source.

  • From now on, you can easily connect your wearable to your card using the LAKS PAY App.
  • Completely relaxed at home and without having to enter your card details online.
  • LAKS PAY App für iOS and Android

The new wearables are available on the new site!

Lilli Antonia Klara Scheybal
photographer, social media manager of LAKS PAY
second-born daughter of the LAKS founder

We have good news for you!

We strive for the perfect user experience and that is why we have changed.
We have founded a new company. We are now LAKS PAY with a brandnew website, which serves 85 new banks and a brandnew LAKS PAY app.

Already a LAKS.COM customer?​

Our brandnew LAKS PAY App 

Advantages over our competitors

  • Connect the LAKS PAY wearable to your Bank Card with iOS and Android by yourself!
  • Use multiple cards for one wearable and change them within 1 second with your iPhone! 
  • Unlimited reset and re-tokenization options to keep wearables in-use, even if the user changes.
  • Free (Re-)tokenization with Mastercard: The wearable / chip in the field even after LoA expiration date is possible as long as the respective Issuer policies are followed and their requirements are accomplished.
  • Free (Re-)tokenization with Visa: The wearable / chip in the field even after the LoA expiration date is possible as it can be (Re-)tokenized as long as needed. All this is based on Mastercard Mobile technology LAKS PAY works with the new only.
  • Benefit of adding extra functions to wearables, such as access control (cars, buildings, computers, charging stations, FIDO, etc.)
  • This will work inside the LAKS PAY App – exiting options you will see soon…
  • With even more banks (85) and the number is growing. 2023 is the wearable year!
  • LAKS PAY is a worldwide partner of 

    You can connect all LAKS PAY wearables to your CURVE card.
    This allows you to use your wearable for contactless payments with all the cards you have stored in the CURVE wallet.

  • Here details how to use Curve with LAKS PAY: LINK
  • LAKS PAY is a worldwide partner of 

    You can connect all LAKS PAY wearables to your CURVE card.
    This allows you to use your wearable for contactless payments with all the cards you have stored in the CURVE wallet.

  • Here details how to use Curve with LAKS PAY: LINK

Information for existing customers

You already are a customer? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Find out how you can be part of – contace us.

We continue to serve all banks that are connected to

Currently not all customers of these banks can use the new wearables – if you are not sure please contact us.

The LAKS PAY App cannot be used with the existing wearables from The built-in chip does not support the new technology


At the moment, you have to generate a Swatch Digital Card in your VIMPay app first. Then you can connect your new wearable with the LAKS PAY app.

You're a bank and don't have wearables yet!


From now on, all new banks will be connected to our new token requester wearonize and can benefit from our brand new LAKS PAY app.

LAKS PAY is the only company in the passive wearable market that has full control over the entire user experience. Our joint venture controls an unmatched product, including an exhaustive service from hardware design and manufacturing, to software, tokenization processes, shipping, and support.

Below you find more details about the Mastercard integration

Consumers across the Europe region are increasingly using digital wallets for both in-store and online payments. Mastercard is launching the Wallet Express Issuer Enablement Program for all issuers in the Europe region. This program will aim to ease the issuers’ efforts in enabling and supporting multiple digital wallets. Mastercard will enable a participating issuer for eligible Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) wallets launched in the respective countries without the need to raise wallet onboarding projects for the target wallets

Mastercard Credit
Mastercard Debit

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