How to start with LAKS PAY


Simply connect your bank card with IPHONE and ANDROID itself to your wearable and you can use it to make contactless payments.

Download the LAKS PAY App

for iPhone or Android.

1. Check out our newest LAKS PAY Wearables and choose your favorites online.

2. Open the LAKS PAY App on your smartphone to connect your bank card all by yourself.

3. Your LAKS PAY Wearable is now ready to pay. Pay at every terminal worldwide and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Add new Wearables in seconds

Select your new Wearable and activate it easily by following the instructions of your LAKS PAY App.

Always have an eye on your spendings

Every transaction made with your Wearable will be listed at a glance within your LAKS PAY App.

Flexible and smart

You can manage your Wearable with your LAKS PAY App all by yourself. If you change your bank or want to give your wearable to someone else, just open your LAKS PAY App and make the changes.
You can manage or upgrade your Wearable yourself within 10 years.

BREAKING NEWS 2023: Advantages over our competitors

Use multiple cards on one LAKS PAY wearable and change them within 1 second with your iPHONE! See the video how it works. Android is following soon.

TIPS and NOTES on how to connect your LAKS PAY wearable to your iPHONE and ANDROID

Welcome to the world of LAKS PAY
Open the LAKS PAY App to load your debit or credit card to your wearable.
As every mobile phone is different, it is sometimes tricky to establish a connection between your wearable and the NFC antenna in your mobile. Here are some Tips and Notes how to do this magic process:

iPHONE: The NFC is always on when you are using the LAKS PAY App. The NFC antenna is located in the upper third near the top edge of the phone. Easy to use out of the box.

ANDROID: The NFC antenna is often found in the middle of the phone. Pls find vey usfull link from SAMSUNG about NFC and the locatrion of most of the latest phones LINK: “SAMSUNG NFC Location and how to use”

How to reset the chip inside the LAKS PAY wearable. If there are any aborts during personalization, you can reset the chip to the factory settings. Duration approx. 30 seconds. For Android, place the wearable from top to bottom on the back of the mobile mostly in the center. For IPHONE, the antenna integration at the top of the back is the same for all generations. See where in the LAKS PAY App this function can be done: LINK

IMPORTANT: If you connect the wearable to your phone on a table, the table must not be made of metal, as this may interfere with the connection process of the NFC technology in the wearable.

For CURVE users: LAKS PAY is a worldwide CURVE partner.

How to get started with wearable contactless payments and Curve

Download the Curve App and register – here are the LINKS for iPHONE or ANDROID select your CURVE Plan:

  • Set up an account with Curve
  • Download the Curve app and add multiple payment cards
  • Register the digital curve card details
  • Go to the LAKS PAY App and enter the CURVE card details.
  • Start making convenient touch-and-pay contactless payments 
  • Curve is the money super-app enabling financial freedom by simplifying and unifying the way we spend, send, see and save money. Launched in 2018
  • Curve and the potential 400 million consumers in 32 countries that can use their services
  • Curve now has approximately 4 million customers in over 30 markets across the UK, European Economic Area (EEA), and USA.
  • You can connect with Curve our wearables almost to every european VISA / Mastercard debit and Credit card with the LAKS PAY App.

For VIMpay with LAKS and LAKS PAY you have 2 Options:​

1. For wearables generate a MMi digital card. Than use the pan number of this new digital card in the online process  (For this you have to buy the wearable on

2. For wearables generate a digital SWATCH card in the VIMpay APP. Than you can connect the digital pan number with the LAKS PAY App to connect your VIMpay account. For this you can buy it on

Option 2 will change in the coming month to generate a digital LAKS PAY card.

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