Product Details

Patch: 10,5 cm X 7,5 cm

Payment chip: SIM sized

Front side of the patches is 100% cotton, rear side is covered with the strongest hot-melt adhesive film. Patches made in EU using high quality materials

Easy to apply

  • You can apply patches from the inside or outside of a garment
  • Make sure that your garment is suitable for the required temperature of the iron.
  • The STEAM setting must be OFF before you start to apply the patch.
  • Preheat your iron to the maximum, then place the patch on the desired spot and iron over the patch with pressure for 60 seconds. You don’t have to sew patch on or use further fabric glue, hot-melt adhesive film on each patch is very durable by itself. CAUTION: Do not apply patches using hair straighteners or other heating objects, only use an iron.
  • Use scissors or die-cut machine to cut the patches to the size or shape you want. Please make sure that there is enough space around the payment chip, otherwise it may not stick to the garment.
  • wash at 30 degrees maximum
  • do not use a tumble dryer
  • do not dry clean
    wash inside out only

Avoid electromagnetic fields

Some household electrical appliances can generate EM fields that are strong enough to affect the pay chip of your LAKS wearables. Do not leave your wearable near electrical appliances as it will stop working.

Your payment chip is waterresistant

Do not bend

Please take care that the payment card in SIM card format is not bent. Bending will damage the integrated chip.

Transform your clothes

No charging

Because of its analog technology, LAKS wearables never need charging. They are always ready to pay.

Easier & more hygienic

Always have your money with you without even your smartphone. No need of touching buttons or exchanging cash. Just pay contactless.

How to pay

Hold the payment chip towards the payment terminal

Hold your hand still for a few seconds (do not move) – until the lights on the payment terminal turn green and you hear a beep