Product Details

Height: 15 cm

Material: Soft Plush 100%

Color: Black

Please be gentle

  • You can clean your Teddy with water-based household soaps and detergents. Solvent-based household chemicals may damage your Wearable.
  • Allow to dry slowly

Avoid electromagnetic fields

Some household electrical appliances can generate EM fields that are strong enough to affect the pay chip of your LAKS wearables. Do not leave your wearable near electrical appliances as it will stop working.

Your payment chip is waterresistant

You can hand wash your Teddy.

Do not bend

Please take care that the payment card in SIM card format is not bent. Bending will damage the integrated chip.

Contactless payment explained simply

Teddy und Kindergesicht_v2
No charging

Because of its analog technology, LAKS wearables never need charging. They are always ready to pay.

Easier & more hygienic

Always have your money with you without even your smartphone. No need of touching buttons or exchanging cash. Just pay contactless.

How to pay

Bear2Pay_Reader 1500 x 1500

Paying with your Teddy – Bear2Pay

  1. Hold the Teddy Bear with the side containing the payment chip facing the payment terminal, as shown in the image above.
  2. Keep it steady for a few seconds, avoiding any sudden movements.
  3. Wait until the lights on the payment terminal turn green, and you hear a confirming beep sound.”