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Selecting your preferred design and material has never been more exciting! Explore a vast array of over 150 distinctive styles meticulously crafted by LAKS in Vienna, Austria. Whether you’re an art connoisseur seeking exquisite designs or someone who delights in humorous messages, rest assured, there’s a perfect match for your individual lifestyle waiting to be discovered.

Embrace your penchant for artistry or infuse your day with a touch of whimsy by choosing from our diverse collection. Each design is a testament to creativity and innovation, promising a seamless blend with your unique personality and preferences. Dive into our expansive selection and find the ideal expression of your style and individuality.

Have a look at our new wooden  keychains.

Enjoy our collections for art-lovers.

Secure like your bank card

Our wearables meet all the security requirements of Mastercard, VISA and Maestro.

No charging

LAKS PAY wearables never need charging. They are always ready to pay.

Lilli Antonia Klara Scheybal,
painter, dj, photographer, video artist and CMO at LAKS PAY