Product Details

watchband measurements:


  • 18mm: Vintage
  • 20mm: Vintage, Merino, Brazil
  • 22mm: Merino
  • 24mm: Merino


  • bottom part: 114 mm
  • top part: 82 mm

watchband: Handmade organic leather bracelets from Germany by RIOS 1931.

We recommend not to go swimming or diving. Your watch strap and the payment chip might get damaged.

Do not swim

Remove the watch before swimming or bathing.
The leather strap and the payment chip may be damaged.
Brief contact with water is harmless. Allow the leather strap to dry slowly.

Bend wich care

Please ensure that the flexible payment chip in the watch band is not bent or kinked. Bending and/or kinking will damage the integrated chip.

Avoid solvents and abrasives

Do not use industrial abrasive or polishing agents. The watch and the leather strap can be cleaned with household soap and water-based cleaning agents.

Avoid electromagnetic fields

Some household electrical appliances can generate EM fields strong enough to affect the payment chip in the watch band. Do not leave your watch near electrical appliances or contactless payment will stop working.


  1. Hold the watchstrap to the payment terminal.
  2. Hold the watch to the payment terminal as shown on the picture
  3. Keep your hand steady (do not move!) for a few seconds until you see the 4 green light on the terminal and hear a beep. Done!
Watchstrap paying

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Product Details

Strap2Pay are handmade organic leather bracelets from Germany by RIOS 1931

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Made To Last

Strap2Pay are handmade in Germany with the highest level of craftsmanship by RIOS 1931 Attention to detail & commitment to tradition gives smart features a classy look.

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For Watch Lovers

Our Strap2Pay collection will not leave open any wishes. Take your favorite piece of art with you every day.

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LAKS PAY Worldwide

Our Strap2Pay pair your bank card with the LAKS PAY App by wearonize.
Monitor your payments and connect cards designated by our 85 banking partners and more to come.
If your bank is not yet supported, download the digital wallet to add any card DEBIT and CREDIT card (no Maestro / no Prepaid for Curve)

LAKS PAY wearables are Certified by Mastercard & Visa. See here all supported banks here: LINK